About Me

Specializing in helping technology companies thrive – my branding, messaging and marketing work contributed to the growth and exit of some incredible software companies.

Bill Kalogiros

I learned early in my career that the best way to offer value is with a deep understanding of the product, market, and buyer. With over 20 years of enterprise software experience, I have the know-how and expertise to help tech companies scale and grow.

Bill Kalogiros - Conference

Telling the right story, to the right people, at the right time is what drives real growth. The deliverable could be a pitch deck, website, white paper or Google ad. The one question I always love to ask is – given the chance to tell your perfect buyer one thing, what would you tell them? If the people talking to your customers can't easily answer this question, chances are you have a brand, message or marketing problem.

Bill Kalogiros - Office

My work helped companies like PlateSpin enable the meteoric rise of VMware; BlueCat to power the explosive growth of Internet connected devices; and Codenvy to make software development in the cloud possible. Currently, I am VP of Marketing at Litmus, our IoT Edge Computing platform is used by Microsoft, Google, AWS and others to power Machine Learning and AI applications.

Let’s talk if you want to:

  • Launch a new business or product
  • Create messaging that tells people what you do
  • Build a brand that accurately reflects your business
  • Develop a marketing playbook to drive growth
  • Have me speak or facilitate a marketing workshop